From the Publisher - Betsy Judge, Island Reporter Newspaper


Some things are just meant to be. Deciding which organizations to cover or stories to tell on the pages of TIR is often like rolling the dice in a casino. We go after some stories; others fall into our proverbial lap.

The latter is the case with Neighborhood Home Solutions (NHS), a nonprofit housing service and advocacy group. I got connected to them via a friend and professional associate. The morning I began to write the story, I received a call from a reader trying to get in touch with someone whose name she saw in the paper. It turns out she recently moved to the area after losing her home. A moment later, I followed a link to a news website I got in an email and the pesky ad that popped up was promoting a for profit company that does what NHS does, but is happy to take your money for it. Meant to be?

If you are looking for something cool to do in the heat of August, check out the new exhibit at the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum on the history of the beache’s fire department. Read about it on page 17 and stop by for a visit - it’s free.

Tell us what you think. Each year TIR is audited by the Circulation Verification Council to validate our numbers and assess the buying habits of our readers. This year’s audit will be supplemented by input they get from an online survey. See page 3 for details and page 6 for a listing of prizes you could win. I hope you will take time to participate and good luck.

Happy August.