From the Publisher - Betsy Judge, The Island Reporter


By Betsy Judge

It is hard to come up with topics for this space other than writing about resolutions on the eve of the New Year; it just seems so natural. So rather than fight the urge; I’d like to suggest a single resolution that anyone who drives should adopt: use your turn signals – please.

Long before my sister, brother and I were old enough to drive, we quizzed our parents on the rules of the road during the course of our many, lengthy trips. Once I got behind the wheel, I took great pleasure in applying not only what I learned from my parents, but from drivers education as well. I think driving was one of the first things that made me feel like a responsible adult rather than a reckless child. That included signaling before making a turn.

Fast forward 40 years and it seems people have forgotten what turn signals are. There is a T-intersection at the exit of my neighborhood. Countless drivers sit there and fail to indicate which way they intend to go….and going straight would put them into someone’s front yard…Even law enforcement officers do the same thing – even at four way intersections. Using a turn signal for a lane change also seems to be a thing of the past.

I don’t have a spotless driving record, and I push the speed limit on occasion, but this trend in signal-less driving, drives me bananas. I assume it may be the cause of an accident or two as well.

So Happy New Year, happy January, and try to find that little handle that sticks out of your steering column and use it once in a while.


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